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Kids-Ville, a child-sized town, is created with familiar businesses and buildings within our real-life communities. These communities are built and rely on the various services and providers that interact among each other to keep them vibrant! Kids-Ville nurtures children through hands-on experiential learning, on how people live and work together in creating a happy and prosperous community.
Children will be engaged in role-playing of different occupations and exercise everyday life skills. Kids-Ville integrates the various aspects of everyday life and provides the opportunity for children to experience the ways in which we are all connected.
Imagine waking up in Kids-Ville, enjoying time with your friends as you pick your vegetables out of your garden, then you load up your harvest and take it to the market where the grocer will sell the fresh, local produce, then it's off to the animal hospital to drop off your pet for a check up and into town to do some shopping, go to the local pizzeria for dinner and spend time connecting with the various business owners!
Pretend play has been linked to creativity and creative problem solving in particular. Pretend to play in children's early years is related to an increase in literacy outcomes in later life including reading comprehension and the ability to communicate clearly through speech and writing.




At the Kids-Ville grocery store, children will become exposed to healthy food choices and the importance of keeping a store organized. Shop using Kids-Ville money, sell and bag groceries, count quantities and stock shelves.


Children will have the opportunity to measure, sift and stir while imagining and creating delicious recipes for the citizens of Kids-Ville. Read a menu, place an order and await for your meal to be served.


Kids-Ville citizens will have the opportunity to develop empathy and learn to care for cuddly critters and pets. Children will develop compassion and social skills while in the role of the veterinarian or patient.


Kids-Ville construction workers make for a well-built town! Children will be able practice and develop their problem solving skills here. Hard hats, yellow vests and various tools develop a predisposition to skilled trades and love for hard work!


Kids-Ville citizens will have the opportunity to be a firefighter. Explore what happens at the sound of the fire bell and how to effectively manage emergency situations. Children will practice fire safety skills as well as learning about the importance of firefighters.


The town police station allows Kids-Ville officers to protect the town, attend to 911 calls and emergencies and lock up criminals and bandits. Informs children about the role of the police and the importance of being a law abiding citizen.


At Kids-Ville Airport, citizens can fly anywhere in the world! Allows children to act out the role of the pilot, flight attendant, and passenger as they sore through the sky.


In LEGO House, kids will experience a level of creative play that develops their creative thinking and engineering thought process. While playing with all favorite LEGO pieces kids develop dexterity and enhanced fine motor skills.


Kids-Ville beauty salon will keep everyone looking their best! Children will practice and develop their tactile skills all while training their creative imagination.

Kids-Ville Cafe

While kids are at play, parents can relax with a hot cup of hot chocolate or a cappuccino. Our facility offers a ready to heat/eat healthy menu of light meals, fruit and vegetable bowls, and other kid-favorite items!

Play passes and gift cards available!

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